Albino Giganotosaurus



Real Name

Albino Giganotosaurus


To rule the Center of the Earth


Falls into a land of Compsognathus [the compsognathus Has Not seen]


Aggressive, relentless


A tan Giganotosaurus carolinii with orange eyes, diamond-shaped pupils.

Type of Character

Antagonist, Villain, dinosaur.



The Albino Giganotosaurus is the primary antagonist of the 2008 Warner Bros. Pictures film, Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Giganotosaurus Played Monstro in Seanocchio

Role in Journey to the Center of the EarthEdit

2008 film

The Albino Giganotosaurus attacked Trevor and Sean in his rocky canyons of the underground world. He chased him around, eventually trapping him in a small crevasse. Trevor pulled him through the other side, saving him just in time. However, the Giganotosaurus then broke through the huge canyon wall, before chasing them over flat ground. Trevor led him over a muscovite formation that spanned a huge pit of magma. The Giganotosaurus followed him, and just as he was about to grab Trevor, the ground crumbled beneath his feet. He then roared loudly in fear before plummeting into magma and dieing below.


  • in real life, giganotosaurus looked almost nothing like the one in the movie. The skull in life was more oval shaped, and the size in the movie is greatly exaggerated.