The ceratosaurus (mistakenly called ceraptosaurus) appeared in the journey to the center of the earth tv series. It was feeding on the shore of the underground ocean, and attacked the lady before Macnif shot it between the eyes with a revolver, killing it instantly.It is considered a delicacy to cavemen.


shown with stegosaurus-like plates on its back

pronounced ceraptosaurus

said to be from late triassic and early jurassic, however it is from late jurassic

told to be strictly vegetarian with occasional lapses, however it is a carnivore


It's long and somewhat slender and huge. Its tail has spikes and it has stegosaurus plates from its head to tail. Its scales are green, brown, and also a little blue and orange. It has a long horn on its snout. It has sharp teeth and has sharp claws and stands on two legs. Another dead Ceratosaurus only had its head shown and while it was being roasted, its head is much different than the one that got shot to death.


  • When Theodore said the dinosaur is strictly vegetarian, the Ceratosaurus tried to bite the lady as if to eat her. After killing the dinosaur, Therdore examined the body and said that all of his research clearly indicates that it was supposed to be strictly vegetarian. It strongly suggests that Theodore now knows that Ceratosaurus is a meat-eater and his research is completely wrong.
  • The Ceratosaurus also appears on the front and back cover of the Swedish release.


  • Alice: (after seeing a spiked tail sticking behind some rocks) "Theodore, come look."

[she approaches the spiked tail, but it sinks down. Then, the entire creature reveals itself to be an altered Ceratosaurus. This makes Alice gasp.]

  • Alice: "Theodore!"

[Theodore, McNiff and Jonas see the dinosaur with Alice.]

  • Theodore: "Ceraptosaurus. Late Triassic, Early Jurassic. Or perhaps elasmus."

[The Ceratosaurus continues to glare at Alice as if it were hungry.]

  • McNiff: "Is that a meat-eater?"
  • Theodore: "No, no. Strictly vegetarian."

[Alice nods at that answer, however, the Ceratosaurus (with its sharp teeth in its jaws) roars and proceeds to take a bite out of her, but she ducks in time.]

  • Theodore: "With occasional lapses."
  • McNiff: (takes a revolver out) "What size the hard done, the usual?"
  • Theodore: "I'd go from between the eyes."
  • [McNiff shoots the Ceratosaurus right between the eyes. The carnivore roars in pain and falls over the large rock and it nearly crushes Alice. As Theodore approaches, the Ceratosaurus lies dead with its eyes open. As he helps Alice get up, Theodore examines the body of the dinosaur and seems to be confused.]
  • Theodore: "I'm sorry, but all my research clearly indicates that these are strictly vegetarian."